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Concrete Grinding & Surface Prep

Concrete grinding can be used to:

Prepare a floor surface for polishing, staining, or resurfacing

Remove floor coatings and old flooring surfaces (acrylics, mastic/glues, tile, tile mortar, thin set, epoxies/paints)

Create a level floor surface (within tolerance 3mm deviance within 6ft)

When choosing a contractor to do your concrete grinding work it is essential that you choose someone who has the skills, expertise and right equipment to get the job done for you safely and efficiently. At NCRP, we use a dustless grinding system to ensure that the least amount of dust is expelled into the air during the grinding. We use only the very best equipment tailored for your project. which means your turn-around time for the job is going to be much faster and you will get a better quality and smoother finish.

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