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What is a Grind & Seal? 

Grind & Seal is a method of polishing concrete, where mechanical steps are taken to refine the floor and then guard is applied.

Once the right level of stone exposure has been achieved with the concrete grinding we then use finer diamonds to remove visible scratching that would otherwise be seen in the finish. Guard coatings come in many different forms which are usually a modified polymers with higher solid contents that are film forming, such as acrylic, urethane, and epoxies. Depending on which guard coating is applied will determine the number of steps of refinement are required to achieve the desired finish. These being topical help hide imperfections, and in some cases poor quality workmanship. 

Life expectancy - with a grind and seal system, you can expect to have to re-apply the topical guard coating in as little as 3+ years. This is based on which system is used and the thickness that the product is applied, the volume of use and maintenance. Keep in mind the topical guard coating is more prone to surface wear and scratches (unlike a mechanically polished system (MPC) where there is no guard coating to worry about, and would last at least 4x the amount of time before a reapplication of sealer maybe required                                                             )

The advantages of choosing grind & seal system are:

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Lower upfront cost

the initial installation costs are somewhat lower than mechanically polished concrete. 

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Bacteria resistant

Surface us non-pros and will not harbour bacteria

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Slip Resistance

Flooring grip can be enhanced by adding grit

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