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What is Mechanically Polished Concrete?

Mechanically Polished Concrete is a process that takes abrasives (diamonds) and mechanically places scratches in the concrete. This scratching process continues, using a finer grit abrasives to remove and replace the scratches with a smaller and smaller micro scratches.

The objective is to refine the floor and take away the small scratches so that you see a reflection in the floor. The process includes Grinding (Power Grouting and  is coupled with a Silicate Concrete Hardener (Potassium,Lithium etc) that helps densify the floor which traps the dust in and strengthens the concrete to its maximum hardness and locking in the grout coat.This process can be achieved with older concrete, new concrete and/or coated concrete. The process is always the same in terms of scratches to the floor and refining the concrete into a harder, denser product.

The Mechanically Polished Concrete process is considered to be the maximum refinement method, and is the best long-term solution of polished concrete.

With the floor at its maximum refinement, the peaks of the scratches and micro pinholes are filled. The process will reduce dirt and debris from getting trapped between scratches and pinholes, and makes it much easier to clean the floor – and keep it clean.


True Mechanically Polished Concrete is worth the extra money that it costs upfront because you have very little in the way of maintenance over the life of the floor, as there is no topical coating that can wear away and therefore there is no need for re-coating every few years.

Benefits of choosing Mechanically Polished Concrete:

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Easy Maintenance

The nature of the surface means that less effort is required to keep the floor clean. Just use a dry microfibre mop to clean, and occasionally some water.

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Improved Reflectivity

Increases ambient lighting, making spaces fill with more light organically.

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Reduced Costs

Reduce your lighting, cleaning, and maintenance costs!

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Better Slip Resistance

Provided that the floor is kept clean and clear of clutter, these floors tend to be less slippery than waxed surfaces.

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Environmentally Sensible 

This flooring option makes use of existing slab without having to bring in additional floor coverings, reducing your environmental impact. 

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Asthma and Allergy Friendly

This floor option is so well defined that it will not support the growth of toxic mould or dust mites, making it great for asthma or other allergy suffers. 

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